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10 worst games

Hope some of you out there enjoyed the Top 20 Games of 2010. If you didn't, it's probably because it wasn't very well written.

So now that we established that the "Miracle at New Meadowlands" rocked, and I took a real risk shouting from the rooftops that the Jaguars played some exciting football last season, it's time to flip the script: the worst games of 2010.

Except, we're gonna spare you a 20-part series. Nope, the following are 10 turds that almost resembled NFL football.

In doing a chat regarding the Top 20 Games of 2010, several people asked for this, so blame them. My criteria? I had none. Well, other than the fact that these contests weren't ever really contests, didn't live up to expectations, or just flat-out sucked.

Trust me, I watched all of these games. Thirty hours of my life I'll never get back.

Elliot Harrison Analyst