Zimmer says RB Dalvin Cook will report to Vikings camp on time

Entering a contract season, Dalvin Cook is looking for an extension and, thus far, the Minnesota Vikings running back's hopes haven't led to fruition.

With a lack of an extension, there was some talk of a holdout, but Vikings coach Mike Zimmer expects Cook to report to training camp on time, NFL Network's Stacey Dales reported Saturday.

"I was told he would," Zimmer said during a Zoom press conference.

Zimmer was then asked who notified him that Cook would be showing up on time, to which the coach replied, "By him."

After Zimmer's statement, Cook's agent, via ESPN, said, "Dalvin has not spoken to him in regards to reporting to camp. We are unsure why this was said. I hope Dalvin can continue to play a major role in the Vikings' future success."

Thereafter, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported that Cook told running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu that he planned to report to camp on time and, in turn, Polamalu relayed the message to Zimmer. Following the back-and-forth, Zimmer texted Cook to clear things up, Pelissero added.

However, Cook's agent made another statement, per ESPN later following that.

"Dalvin and Coach Polamalu speak often as they have a great relationship. Dalvin has never mentioned to him anything in regards to reporting to camp," Cook's agent Zac Hiller said. "I'm not sure where the miscommunication is. I hope Dalvin plays a major role in the Vikings' future success."

Prospects of a Cook holdout are different that any previous ones by an NFL player as it comes in the 2020 offseason following the new collective bargaining agreement. The CBA discourages a player from entering a holdout as it affects a player's ability to reach unrestricted free agency.

Cook is coming off his finest season to date. Slowed by injuries in each of his first two campaigns, Cook became the bell-cow back and standout star the Vikings had always hoped he could become. In 14 starts, Cook tallied 1,135 yards rushing and 13 touchdowns on the ground.

While the former second-round pick is entering his contract year, his head coach believes he'll be entering training camp on schedule.

Veterans are set to report on Tuesday and while Cook is expected to be there, pass rusher Everson Griffen, a free agent after 10 seasons in Minnesota, is obviously not.

Griffen, who had eight sacks last season in his fourth Pro Bowl campaign, remains one of the top remaining free agents. Zimmer would welcome bringing back the defensive end, but aside from being happy if the veteran returned, he had no status updates.

"I don't know," Zimmer said of the prospects of bringing Griffen back. "He texted me the other day telling me congratulations and things like that. I'd love to have him back, he's always been one of my guys, so if that happens, that'd be great, but I don't know where that is right now."

Griffen's congratulations were to due to Zimmer's recently signed extension as contract talks clearly were in abundance during the press conference.

Zimmer was nothing but happy to have his future secured in Minnesota as 2020 was previously the final year of his contract.

"Very excited, humbled; feel blessed to be able to continue on with the Minnesota Vikings," Zimmer said. "In the long run, it all worked out and like I said, I'm very blessed."

"This is a great opportunity that we have to continue to keep taking swings at what we need to swing at."

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