Young says his 'Dream Team' comments were misunderstood

Vince Young is the backup quarterback for the Eagles, which means unless Michael Vick is removed from the equation, the former Tennessee Titans passer will have little to do with Philadelphia's fortunes in 2011.

But that didn't stop Young from calling the Eagles a "Dream Team" upon signing with the club last month, likening Philadelphia's collection of talent to the U.S. Olympic men's basketball team that went undefeated during a dominating gold medal run in 1992.

The comments could be seen as adding pressure to an Eagles team already facing sky-high expectations, but Young said his comments were misconstrued.

"That's pretty much how it go with Vince Young," the quarterback said, according to the *Philadelphia Inquirer*. "My words always get taken out of context. ... We do have some really talented guys and I feel like if we continue to keep working and taking care of our responsibilities and finish like a team like we want to finish -- I feel like that's pretty much how I called it."

Eagles coach Andy Reid has tried to distance himself from Young's "Dream Team" comparison, but Young believes his new team has the ability to do something special.

"How everybody want to take it that's how everybody is going to take it," he said. "Just how the Miami Heat was -- them guys ended up being in the NBA Finals. So it's all about getting your chemistry right, playing together and taking stepping stones to get where you want to be."

Young was once seen as the future of the Titans before injuries, ineffectiveness and clashes with coach Jeff Fisher led to his exit. Young said buzz about his comments is media created and hasn't been a topic of discussion in the locker room or with the competition.

" ... You can't tell me not what to say. At the same time, that's just how I feel," he said. "If we continue to keep working as a team, as a structured unit, as coaches and everybody that's pretty much in this locker room, I really feel we can be -- if we take the days day by one day -- to get ourselves better and where we want to be at."

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