Young QBs continue on auditions with 'Fins, Browns

Why to watch
Each week is an audition for Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne and his Browns counterpart Colt McCoy. They want to be the long-term answer for their teams but the jury is still out for both. Tony Sparano got a contract extension in the offseason, almost by default, but his long-term status in Miami will start to come under more scrutiny should the team start 0-3. The Dolphins need to figure out exactly how Reggie Bush fits in, too.

Inside story
Brian Daboll was cast aside as the Browns coordinator and play-caller as the team shifted to a West Coast system under new head coach Pat Shurmur, who also runs the Browns defense. Daboll was then hired by the Dolphins and has gotten their offense a bit more vertical with Brandon Marshall, which is a positive step.

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