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You've heard this before: Shanahan ruins your weekend

That's it. Shanahanigans strikes again, but I have the solution: I am no longer playing Redskins on my fantasy team. But that doesn't seem strong enough. So in honor of the latest #shanahanigans, I am going to boycott Redskins players in everything I do. I'm not going to put Redskins in my rankings. I will no longer talk about them on Twitter.

In fact, if you ask me to identify the greatest quarterback who played at Notre Dame, was drafted by the Dolphins, played in the CFL and wore a single-bar facemask I would say Joe Theismann. Because he's retired and I find him to be a pretty cool guy.

But when it comes to current Redskins and fantasy football, I refuse to do it. I'm not playing along. Fred Davis -- you're out. Rex Grossman -- no chance. Redskins running backs -- you have to be kidding me. Listen, we need to #occupy the Redskins, and I am going to take a stand.

Here are some of the other top storylines in fantasy football.

Brady still shines
There was a time last week when I had Cam Newton ahead of Tom Brady in my rankings. And then I thought to myself, "What the [expletive] am I doing?" I moved Brady up to my No. 2 spot (behind Aaron Rodgers) and didn't think about it again. Brady has proven in the past when he faces the Jets the second time around, he is even better. I guess Brady only struggles against the Jets when they meet for a third time. But don't worry, fantasy season is over by then.

Nice going, rookie
That being said, we should pump the brakes a little bit when it comes to Newton. We often forget Newton is merely a rookie, and that he's going to have some bad days. Of course, Newton gets enough points on the ground (55 rushing yards) so his terrible day is only mediocre. Newton still had more points than Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Cassel and Matthew Stafford, so it was not a total wash. And don't be too concerned going forward; this should be considered the low point.

You need to start Bush
Crack all of the jokes about Reggie Bush that you want (and I will), but the guy has been putting up some solid fantasy numbers in recent weeks. Bush scored a pair of touchdowns and posted 17.10 points in Week 10, which is the third consecutive week he has reached double digits. The Dolphins play the Bills this week, meaning Bush should be in your starting lineup.

Turns out you can start all of the Texans running backs
I had Jamaal Charles to start the season and figured I could make a go of it with LeGarrette Blount, Cedric Benson and Darren Sproles as the No. 2. Turns out, I can't. I started Sproles and Jackie Battle on Sunday for just about close to nothing. But if I would have started the two Texans backups I would have had 12.10 from Ben Tate (my flex sleeper) and 9.60 from Derrick Ward. Start all of your Texans running backs. Well, not next week -- the team is on a bye. But after that start Arian Foster and use Tate in the flex. Ward should be on your bench, just in case you don't recognize my sarcasm.

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