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You have to start White and MJD, but you don't have to like it

The Raiders' fans have long been vilified for being the most delusional not only in the NFL, but maybe all sports fans. Now I am starting to wonder if they are the most delusional fans of an AFC West team. Because Broncos fans are really out-doing themselves with this Tim Tebow nonsense.

We all know that the Broncos fans were chanting for Tebow on Monday night.


Broncos fans even considered buying a billboard asking for Tebow to start. As one Broncos fan put it, John Fox might be deaf because the coach did not hear the calls for Tebow, but hoped that he was not blind. My question to Broncos would be, are you blind?

What could Broncos fans have possibly seen during his brief glimpses on the field that the team's coaches have not seen in the hours of practice? There is an old cliché that says the backup quarterback is always the most popular player on the team, but this Tebowmania has taken it to new heights.

So much so, I almost wish the Broncos coaches would put him on the field to have him play and fail. In fact, I would love to see Tebow on the field for the Broncos for five consecutive years, with a passer rating of 48.2 and the team putting up 3-13 records each season because honestly, I think the Denver fans would still cheer for him. I really do.

All of that aside, you want to know what the worst part of Monday night's game with the Broncos and Raiders was? Well, other than penalties adding an extra hour to the first half. That was miserable. But did you notice that the Broncos cheerleaders donned ponchos when the rain started falling? I just know Tebow had something to do with that.

My likes and dislikes are highlighted below (with the bolded names, to avoid confusion). That's right, Facebook will not give you a "dislike button," but I certainly will. 

And without further ado ...

I will tell you something, it's always good to have fantasy insurance. And if you have Hakeem Nicks, the trendy guy to have as your insurance is Dom Hixon, who is find. But the sneaky play is **Greg Salas** who will line up in the slot-spot for the St. Louis FC -- the spot formerly occupied by Danny Amendola. Now, I am a well-known Hawaii fan, sure, but this is a good play if Hicks cannot make it.

Survivor: South Pacific threatened to vote out Harvard grad Cochran (why did his parents do that to him?) in the premiere episode. But there is good news for Harvard grads like Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzy had four touchdowns against the Chiefs and it was his third game with four touchdowns in his last 11 games. The Bills as this year's breakout team? I am telling you, if you are holding on to Fitzpatrick andRex Grossman, you have some good quarterbacks.

One thing to remember about the Raiders, too, is that they looked good last week against Kyle Orton, but gave up the seventh-most points to quarterbacks last year and Oakland lost Nnamdi Asomugha. So Fitzpatrick is a great play.

And do I have to be the guy who reminds you that if Cam Newton smoked the Cardinals for all of those yards on the road, Grossman should be able to do something similar. Not quite as many points, but this will be a big week for Rex.

Reggie Wayne will continue to be a target for Kerry Collins, so don't fret on him. Last week should have shown you that. But come on Dallas Clark. He will get into the mix this week or else it will be time to look elsewhere.

Owners who took a chance on Kenny Britt are not only handsome, they were handsomely rewarded on Sunday with a pair of touchdowns. Britt has now scored a touchdown in eight of his last 11 games. I get it, they are playing the Ravens, but he is still worthy of a start.

Am I the only one excited for Ted Danson on "CSI." What a genius bit of casting here. I swear, I am falling for these tricks more and more. I have not watched "CSI" since Gil Grissom left (yes, I know it's not his real name), but I'm fully committed to watching the new season with Danson. And let's be honest, Danson has done really well for himself post-Cheers. We can forget Becker, that was not as bad as you think, still not that great. But his turns in "Damages," "Bored to Death" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" have been really good. I am telling you, this will be great.

I like every tight end in every game. Well, just about. Did you know that 11 tight ends had at least 10 fantasy points in Week 1? This is something we talked about a lot on NFL Fantasy Live in recent weeks. So all of these guys, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Jimmy Graham, Owen Daniels and Clark, they should be in your lineup. A really good play this week is Browns TE Ben Watson. I am expecting a huge game from him.

Also Ed Dickson. I picked him up in my NFL Experts League. Who wants to go samesies?

Tony Gonzalez still has some life in him, but he has only three touchdowns in his last 11 games. Here is something to consider, Gonzalez had only three receptions against the Eagles in 2009, but two of them were for touchdowns. I was originally going to put this in the dislike category, but that last stat made me change my mind. Will he have two touchdowns? No. But he gets a red-zone look. The corners are looking down the wideouts, so why not go for the tight end? Gonzalez was still second on the team with seven targets, too.

Alright Raheem Morris, I am choosing to believe you this week when you said you want to pound the ball some more. So I am givingLeGarrette Blount another chance. Seriously, I have five teams, he's on four of them. And he is getting a chance at every one. Which seems stupid, I should hedge, but I am throwing caution to the wind.

The Dolphins defense is still winded, so go with Matt Schaub this week, even if you were stung by him against the Colts. That makes Jacoby Jones a pretty nice play, too, if you need some help at WR3. But the problem with Schaub last week was that the Colts rolled over so bad, Schaub did not even need to throw the ball.

The Jaguars' uniforms were great in Week 1. Those all-white numbers should become the regular home uniform. No need to go with that teal or the black uniforms. The Bills' new uniforms were as good as advertised -- cannot wait to see them match up against the Raiders uniforms this week -- as well as the Redskins' uniforms.

What about Mike Tolbert? He has scored 14 touchdowns in his last 15 games, but the Patriots have not allowed a rushing touchdown in their last four home games. Well that is fine, because Tolbert catches the ball out of the backfield, and he will score. Tolbert was second on the Chargers with nine targets.

Vincent Jackson is poised for a big game this week, too. His three targets last week had to come as a surprise, but believe they will be looking for him more this week. That has to happen, right?

I really like how Alberto Del Rio*'s* character has handled himself on RAW recently. He looks like one of those old-school heels, who is conniving, but he looks competent enough to actually beat John Cena at Night of Champions on Sunday. And really, Del Rio has to go over here. The guy with the legitimate claim to the WWE title is CM Punk and he is stuck in a program with HHH. Del Rio wins, and if Punk loses, I'm off the WWE for a while.

Spot-start defense of the week is the Dallas Cowboys.

Expect a better week from Mario Manningham, who did not do much in the season opener.

If you caught what Matthew Stafford put down against the Buccaneers, he is going to be just as good against the Chiefs. Some expect Kansas City to be upset and motivated. But come on, Todd Haley always looks upset, how did that help last week? But with Eric Berry out for the season, the Chiefs' defense is going to be a great matchup for offensive players.

Love that the Angels and Rays are gaining on the Red Sox for the wild card. America wants the Red Sox to miss the playoffs.

This will be one of Peyton Hillis' best games of the season. He got off to a slow start to the season, but I am convinced he will do well in Week 2. The most positive note to take away from last week was his team-high eight targets.

Thank you again to our Bill "Sudsy" Sudell for all of this great research.

BTW, I really like Tom Brady (man card status notwithstanding) because he encouraged Patriots fans to get out there early, tailgate and put down some belts. I love that kind of attitude. What I didn't like was that the Patriots acted like Brady was encouraging them to drink water, because they want him to remain hydrated. Sure, so I take it the team is going to ban beer sales this week?

You cannot bench Roddy White. You spent way too high of a draft pick on him to do so. But Week 1 marked the eighth consecutive game in which White failed to reach 100 yards. That seems amazing, right? My sincere hope for many of you holding Dwayne Bowe right now is that he has a good game this week, which raises his value enough for you to dump him. Otherwise, you might be stuck with him. Bowe had just 17 yards in Week 1, his 10th career game with less than 20 receiving yards.

Last week, I predicted that A.J. Green would have a bigger week than Julio Jones. But Jones had six targets, which was good for fourth on the team. Jones will get there, but it is not happening this week agianst the Eagles. Contrary to White, I would not start Green, unless you are really struggling for receivers.

Matt Hasselbeck looked really good in Week 1 and he could have some long-term value. Just not this week against the Ravens.

Mila Kunis' phone was hacked, but it was pictures of Justin Timberlake going all Brett Favre. Man, there's so much promise as hearing "Mila Kunis' phone hacked" only to have it end so poorly. Must be what it's like to be an Eli Manning fan.

A number of fantasy enthusiasts are excited to get on the **Cam Newton** bandwagon. His Week 1 was impressive. But as I have said, let's see him do it against a team like the Packers before we give him entertainer-and-icon status.

Gary Kubiak says that Arian Foster will not get his typical 60 snaps this week against the Dolphins. I am telling you, Foster will not have a good game. I see him taking a few snaps, tweaking his injury and then being on the sidelines for the rest of the game. I cannot put Ben Tate into my likes just yet, but I am starting to lean toward Tate as a flex play. As always, check the re-Ranks later on today. Trust me, I am moving Foster down my board.

I am bummed for people who have DeAngelo Williams. The Panthers gave this guy all of that money, and for what? Williams had 36 scrimmage yards against the Cardinals, one touchdown in his last 12 games, 100 scrimmage yards just once in his last 10 games and 10 consecutive games under 100 rushing yards.

Ravens WR Lee Evans had only four targets last week, behind Anquan Boldin, Ray Rice and Dickson.

Week 2 Sleeper Picks

Mark Sanchez posed for a fancy photo shoot, but Michael Fabiano writes that he could make your fantasy lineup look good this week. **More ...**

I hate people who become incredulous when you don't like a TV show, movie or food. There is no accounting for taste and everybody's varies. But will you please get off my back for not watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Good lord. I gave it a shot and watched a couple of episodes and it just left me indifferent. I am sorry if that offends you. For my taste, it falls below other FX comedies "Louie," "Archer," "The League" and "Wilfred." Please stop asking me to watch "Sunny."

Remember all of that talk about Tom Brady targeting his new receivers? Chad Ochocinco proved to be the exception to the rule after being targeted only three times against the Dolphins. I would not trust him this week against the Chargers. But do not be surprised if he gets more targets against the Chargers because Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison called him out this week. That would be the Patriots thing to do. Still, leave Ochocinco on your bench. He has not enough in years to warrant a "hunch" play.

Shonn Greene continues to be a disappointment after he managed just 33 scrimmage yards against the Cowboys. Greene has reached 100 yards only twice in 30 career games, and the Jaguars allowed just eight fantasy points to running backs in Week 1. Oh yeah, they were playing Chris (expletive) Johnson.

We need to think of a name for guys like Greene and Dez Bryant, these big-name (thanks to the teams they play for) guys who have failed to deliver on the fantasy promise they once had. I am thinking the Richard Grieco All-Stars. Hit me up on the social networks to give me a better suggestion. But yes, no Dez Bryant this week. Even Jerry Jones is backing off comments that he will play this week.

Oh look, here comes Felix Jones, another member of the Richard Grieco All-Stars. The 49ers' defense is surprisingly good, meaning Romo will throw the ball more. I put Jones behind Beanie Wells, Cedric Benson and Frank Gore.

Hey look, another member of the Richard Grieco All-Stars, it's Michael Crabtree. Is he still on your roster? If you have a really deep league, hold on to him. But I dropped Crabtree for Salas in one of my leagues. Our Michael Fabiano dropped Crabtree for Dom Hixon in our NFL Experts league.

I still have Braylon Edwards on my roster, but I am not playing him. Same thing with Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon. The 49ers do not pass, the Colts simply cannot.

Darrius Heyward-Bey was the Raiders' top target in Week 1, and Jacoby Ford continued to disappoint, but neither might be available this week against the Bills. Are you ready for the Chaz Schillens era? Me neither.

Why is there a Floyd Mayweather fight other than the fight that we all want to see? Make Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao happen already.

I am still staying away from Jeremy Maclin who has now gone seven consecutive games without reaching 100 yards. Maclin had only three targets in Week 1.

For all of the talk of tight ends having great games, what the hell happened to Zach Miller? Oh right, Tarvaris Jackson. Well against the Steelers, I will take a pass on both. And Miller was the guy I dropped for Dickson in my NFL Experts League.

Ron Jaworski's apology. What is up America? "NCIS" is the most-watched show in America and has violent images and descriptions of crimes in the 8 p.m. hour, but Jaws makes a slip of the tongue -- on cable -- and he is forced to apologize? What the (expletive)?

I am not benching Maurice Jones-Drew, but I am hoping that somebody else on my team picks up his production, which will be down this week. But you cannot bench this guy unless you are rolling out AD and Ray Rice. Did anybody notice that Deji Karim had 14 carries last week?

Thank you for nothing, Jared Cook. Literally.

Kevin Kolb is going to be a good fit for the Cardinals. More games like Week 1 and that should help in real football terms and fantasy football. A quick aside, if you saw any NFC West action in Week 1 (and I do watch that division as a force of habit), the 49ers, Seahawks and St. Louis FC look brutal. All of that said, the Cardinals are going to the East Coast to play one of those dreaded 10 a.m. games. So I don't like Kolb this week.

Somebody asked me if Ted Ginn was a good play this week. Not in standard leagues. Only leagues that reward return yardage are favorable for Ginn. But as Matt "Money" Smith said on NFL Fantasy Live this week, Jim Harbaugh has no interest in throwing the football.

I really hate the WWE's handling of the Punk angle. Just like the Nexis angle, they come up with something really great, but the execution has been rather poor.

Even if Knowshon Moreno is healthy this week, stay away. The Bengals allowed just nine points to running backs to Hillis and the Browns in Week 1. I am telling you, juggernaut in Cincinnati.

For the record, you can submit your fantasy questions to Fantasy Live, Michael Fabiano or me on Twitter. But realize, Fantasy has 18,000 followers, Fabiano has 30,000, me, I only have 1,800. So your odds are better that I will answer a question, just based on the numbers. So hit me up on both via Twitter or via Facebook. Be sure to catch the latest on the Dave Dameshek Football Program.

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