Would the Cleveland Browns draft Matt Barkley?


Here's the most overused statistic of the week: Only three teams that have started 0-2 have gone on to win the Super Bowl. Don't bother with Googling it; your teams are 1993 Dallas Cowboys, 2001 New England Patriots and 2007 New York Giants. You'll notice two of those teams are somewhat recent, so it's not all doom and gloom for the six franchises currently 0-2.

In some ways, you could say these teams have it better (sorry, Jim Harbaugh) than the rest. Not only are those teams still alive for the Super Bowl, they have a leg up in the race to be No. 1 in the 2013 NFL Draft. (In which our Bucky Brooks still believes Matt Barkley is the best college quarterback.)

Dropped out: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, St. Louis Football Club, Indianapolis Colts

And without further ado ...

Congratulations to Sean Payton for already wrapping up the 2012 NFL Coach of the Year award. Apparently a giant poster with your likeness on it is no substitute for the real thing. Seriously, is it me, or does that poster come off like a plot in "The Office"? Like Michael Scott would hang a poster like that in the warehouse. Or maybe over Toby's desk.

The Jaguars showed their loss to the Minnesota Vikings was no fluke, as they went on to be completely outclassed by the Houston Texans in Week 2. Good to see the Jaguars are taking this seriously.

The finger pointing has already started in Tennessee, as Chris Johnson called out the offensive line for not doing their job. But you know Chris, when you are pointing your finger at somebody, you're really pointing three fingers at the guy who hasn't done anything to earn the lucrative contract extension he held out for.

A lot of football folks and Raiders fans believed Al Davis had lost his touch over the years and blamed him for the team's struggles. But this team looks as bad as it ever has in the last decade, and the Raiders leveraged their future to get Carson Palmer last year. You think Al Davis makes that move? And if you saw USC lose to Stanford (again), Al Davis was right about Lane Kiffin, too.

Is this a spiteful placement because I originally picked the Chiefs to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl? I won't deny it, that played a lot in the minds of the voters (you know, me). But it looks like I'm going to spend the entire season wondering what I saw in Romeo Crennel. I blame those Coors Light commericals.

Part of me feels for the great fans of the Cleveland Browns and their organization. After getting the original Browns pulled from them, the fans of Cleveland had to endure watching the team go on to consistent success as the Baltimore Ravens. The fans in Cleveland deserve so much better. The question to me is, would the Browns actually spend another pick on a young quarterback? Brandon Weeden looked better in Week 2, but it could be an interesting dilemma.

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