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Would Michael Vick return to Jets for another season?

Michael Vick will be a free agent at the end of the year, which means he has the option of signing anywhere he wants.

But would he take another deal with the Jets?

"I like it here," Vick said, via The Star-Ledger. "But that's not my decision to make."

Translation: Let's move on.

The Jets' current No. 1 quarterback could be starting over with yet another head coach and offensive coordinator. While a new head coach might be interested in him as a bridge to the next potential franchise quarterback of the Jets, Vick is not likely to solidify himself as the long-term answer at age 35.

Vick also would probably like to go somewhere with assurances that something like this year's quarterback debacle wouldn't play out again. Might the next head coach, or Rex Ryan, think he can save Geno Smith in 2015?

For now, that seems to create too many questions for Vick to stomach. He'll play somewhere next year, but will it be in green and white again?

"Listen, man, I know we are talking about something that's so farfetched right now that I can't even see," Vick said. "Like I said: I like it here in New York, it's been great, but I can't predetermine or make a decision on what's going to happen, because the minute you start setting your sights on something or wanting something too much, then if it doesn't happen for you, then it's a big disappointment.

"I'd just like to just go with the flow. Whatever happens, then the decision will be made at the appropriate time."

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