Would Mark Sanchez be better with Eli Manning's weapons?

Eli Manning is struggling of late with some of the best receivers in the NFL -- Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. Mark Sanchez is struggling because, in part, he doesn't have any weapons. What if Cruz and Nicks played for the Jets?

Eli Manning had them yesterday. And the week before. And the week before that. If they didn't help a two-time Super Bowl winner, they wouldn't help Mark Sanchez, either.

Uh, yes they would. The Jets would be able to open up their offense and do some things they can't do now because their receivers are so non-threatening.

I know playing in Seattle is tough for any quarterback. I know Sanchez doesn't have an abundance of weapons. But even before Santonio Holmes got injured, the guy was completing fewer than 50 percent of his passes.

Agreed. Sanchez is not playing well and he's not getting much help with the poor play of the offensive line and a running game that's .03 yards and a cloud of dust. A lot is on him. I'm not very impressed.

Eli's a two-time Super Bowl MVP. He's earned the right to slump. Sanchez? His *career * is a slump.

What?! Dude's almost been to two Super Bowls. I know that's history but Sanchez isn't a total Buster.

Holmes. Braylon Edwards. Dustin Keller. Plaxico Burress. Sanchez couldn't make any of those guys into thousand yard receivers.

Wow. Hit list of Pro Bowlers there. Even they're better than the current crop of receivers: Who? Where? and What?

Who? What? Where? If Cruz and Nicks played with Sanchez, they'd have to put out a missing persons report on them, too. Goodnight, pally.

OK, give Eli the Jets' Who? Where and What? I bet he'd struggle and lot worse than he is now and he'd be asking….Why?

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