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With eye on the future, Ryan defends Woody Johnson

Rex Ryan isn't making any enemies on his way out of New York.

Following yet another loss, this time to the Vikings in overtime, Ryan defended owner Woody Johnson, who has come under fire just as much as anyone amid the team's recent skid.

"Obviously, I deserve a lot of criticism for the way this team has performed this season," Ryan said, via "I get that, no question, but Woody doesn't. The Jets are in good hands with him as the owner, that's for sure."

While things might be ugly behind the scenes as a consistent flurry of reports regarding dysfunction, alienation and discord between staff members continues to leak out, it's in Ryan's best interest to sing the company tune until the end.

Blowing up on his staff and ownership won't help Ryan land another job or make a smooth transition into television, both of which seem to be very attainable for the head coach, who, as many forget, reached the AFC Championship Game each of his first two seasons.

In the meantime, he'll have to keep biting his tongue as the situation surrounding his quarterback, general manager and owner continues to play itself out.

Ryan should be able laugh his way to the bank when the dust settles.

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