Window for player voting on new CBA officially closes

The window for NFL players to vote on ratifying the new collective bargaining agreement officially closed Saturday at 11:59 p.m. ET.

A final count on votes has yet to be released.

The new CBA, which was sent out to players for a vote March 5, needs a simple majority vote from the player pool of roughly 2,500 to pass.

If the CBA passes it will last through the 2030 season.

Among the most notable changes that would be put into effect for the next 11 seasons are the expected addition of two postseason teams as early as the 2020 season, a 17th regular-season game starting in 2021, an increase in minimum salaries for players, increases in performance-based pay and an increase in percentage of revenue share for players, among many others.

The NFL owners approved the terms of the proposed CBA on Feb. 20, after several months of negotiating with the NFLPA.

The NFLPA board of representatives voted affirmatively to send the CBA proposal to its membership for a vote late on the night of Feb. 25.

Shortly after the voting window closed, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith tweeted out an open letter addressing the situation.

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