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Williams' frustration about Dolphins' season, Sparano boils over

Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams' frustration about the 2010 season boiled over Monday night during his weekly radio show on WQAM-560.

Williams saved his sharpest comments, which come via The Palm Beach Post, for coach Tony Sparano and teammates who spout the company line, and he said he has no desire to return the team he spent the past eight seasons with.

"Usually when players are talking and saying the right things, it means that they're full of s*," Williams said.

Williams made it clear his biggest frustration is with Sparano, whose future employment in South Florida remains in question after his Monday meeting with owner Stephen Ross in the aftermath of the Dolphins' second consecutive 7-9 season.

He said playing for Sparano is "not a great fit for me," and that several teammates are unhappy with Sparano's intense coaching style.

"You can't go 7-9 and say everyone loves what we're doing," Williams said. "And I think any time you don't have success and you're not winning, people are going to be unhappy, and they're not going to love what they're doing and they're not going to buy into it and believe it."

Williams wasn't finished, adding the coach's message grew tired this season.

"Tony goes through a lot of effort to show us the things it takes to win football games," Williams said. "Not turning the ball over, converting third downs, scoring in the Red Zone. He spends a lot of time saying, 'If you do these things, you win.' And sometimes I feel personally that he does a little bit too much. My personal opinion is if you have the right attitude that you guys are going to win, then all that other stuff takes care of itself."

Williams, 33, also was unhappy about his playing time this season, when he had an average of fewer than 10 carries per game.

"This whole season I haven't taken one Advil," he said. "It seems like now is the time to move on. I was drafted in 1999, and this is the first time I've been a free agent. I'm excited to see what happens."

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