Will Jacoby Brissett or Scott Tolzien start for Colts?

The Colts have a decision to make at quarterback, but haven't committed to one just yet.

Head coach Chuck Pagano said Wednesday that he's yet to decide between recently acquired Jacoby Brissett and Week 1 starter Scott Tolzien. Brissett came in toward the end of the Colts' 46-9 blowout loss on Sunday and went 2 of 3 for 51 yards. Tolzien was 9 of 18 for 128 yards and two interceptions. He was sacked four times and exited with a quarterback rating of 33.8.

Pagano added that Andrew Luck would not practice Wednesday.

"I have not made a decision," Pagano told reporters about his Week 2 starter. "We'll work both guys, just like last week."

Unless Brissett is so far behind in the playbook that he would not be effective against the Cardinals on Sunday, starting the former Patriots quarterback would seem like the right thing to do. The Colts were concerned enough about Tolzien to acquire Brissett in the first place. They pinballed through the preseason maintaining the belief that Tolzien could at least play replacement-level football in the regular season should Luck miss games, but instead watched Tolzien struggle mightily against the Rams.

"He's got a sense of calm to him, poise," Pagano said of Brissett. "Obviously, you love his physical traits, he's a big man. He can see over things. ... Been there before, so obviously it's not too big."

Now, in the face of another potential buzz saw -- the Cardinals will no doubt come in furious after a meltdown against Detroit in their season opener -- the Colts are hoping to find a sense of calm on offense. When the franchise's star player is recovering from serious shoulder surgery, there is not usually an appetizing option behind him. Matt Hasselbeck retired at the end of the 2015 season and, since that moment, the Colts have searched with little success to patch the gap at their No. 2 spot.

Brissett, who is incredibly affordable and under contract through the 2019 season, represents the Colts' best chance to develop someone behind Luck who can step in and tread water. Will he get his first chance to prove that Sunday?

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