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Will Detroit Lions or Miami Dolphins make the playoffs?

We turned the season with several teams near .500 and very much alive in the playoff hunt. Some of those teams took some bad losses this weekend. Whose hopes are close to ruined?

Detroit. Give the Lions credit for consistency. They've never given anyone reason to believe they are a better, more mature football team than last year.

Agreed right there. What a disappointment. I'm rolling with Miami, though. I was banging its drum and the Fish drop two straight. That butt-kicking they took this weekend was ugly.

Miami is an overachieving team coming off a terrible game. Detroit is an underachieving team coming off another disappointing one. The Dolphins are a pleasant surprise.

Dolphins have lost two straight, the first to a rookie QB in Andrew Luck. They're still 4-5 but they have Buffalo, Seattle, New England and San Francisco up next. Rough stretch for a team that's sliding.

Detroit finally got a great game out of their best player - Calvin Johnson, 201 yards with a TD - and all anyone is talking about is Adrian Peterson. No buzz, no expectations.

The 'Fins benched their best offensive player, Reggie Bush, for fumbling. Joe Philbin is proving a point for the long-term. That's why the short-term pain could leave them out of the playoffs.

Not for nothing, but that remember that guy, Ndamukong-something? He still play for the Lions? Gooodnight.

Wow. You went there. Lions and Fish are in trouble, but Miami has more hope because of wild-card scenarios in the AFC. Still, they have to step up the next four games.

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