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"Next week we'll watch two of the young greats that are coming up in this league between Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan."

-- Michael Irvin on Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers and Atlanta QB Matt Ryan

"Two of the best running quarterbacks were featured today."

-- Deion Sanders on Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers and Philadelphia QB Michael Vick

"This is just the first of many playoff games that this guy is going to win. He just got his first one and look out."

-- Steve Mariucci on Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers, who threw for 180 yards and three touchdowns in a 21-16 win

"That's straight intimidation. You have a half of an inch to go and you pitch the ball. That's what they think of the Ravens defense."

-- Michael Irvin on the Baltimore defense stopping the Kansas City Chiefs on 4th down

"We have talked about this for quite awhile: when will Flacco take over this team? It's been Ray Lewis' team for quite awhile, but now he is playing like the quarterback they drafted and the quarterback they wanted."

-- Michael Irvin on Baltimore QB Joe Flacco, who threw for 265 yards and two touchdowns in the Ravens' 30-7 over the Kansas City Chiefs

"He can go the distance anytime."

-- Steve Mariucci on Kansas City RB Jamaal Charles, who had 82 yards rushing and one touchdown in a 30-7 loss to Baltimore

"Indy will find more players and put them around Peyton that will get it done. I don't know if you can say a window's closed on a guy like Peyton Manning."

-- Michael Irvin on Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning

"Wine gets better with time and I think Peyton Manning is just that. He's like an offensive coordinator playing."

-- Deion Sanders on Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning

"To make a name for yourself, you've got to win the clutch. You've got to win in fourth quarter comebacks, you've got to win in overtime, you've got to put a drive together."

-- Steve Mariucci on what it takes to be a great quarterback

"That's where you're defined as a quarterback."

-- Steve Mariucci on New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez driving the Jets for the winning field goal

"Shocker of the season."

-- Steve Mariucci on the Seattle Seahawks' win over the New Orleans Saints

"Vince Young still has a lot of football in him. If he can get with a coach that believes in him, that he believes [will] believe in him, I think he'll show up and play well."

-- Michael Irvin on Tennessee QB Vince Young

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