Why was Jerry Jones on sideline talking to Garrett?

The sight of an owner on the team's sideline is not unusual, per se. But when he's speaking to his head coach in the middle of a tight game, that is a different story.

Unless, of course, you are Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones.

Jones made some headlines during Monday night's loss to the Washington Redskins after springing into action and taking it upon himself to deliver some key updates to head coach Jason Garrett on the sideline.

"I was here during the tail end of (Tony Romo's back) examination and knew he planned to come back out and play if he were needed," Jones told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram when asked why he was speaking to Garrett mid-game. "Of course he was needed. I felt good that he could come back out. When he saw the opportunity, he did. I told Jason that he would be back in."

Apparently that was information the training staff could not radio over to Garrett on that headset he had to take off to listen to Jones.

Either way, you have to love the enthusiasm. Jones was all over the place during the defeat. We're still unsure how he got from his luxury box to the training room so quickly.

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