Why OBJ could be faster than he's ever been next season

The offseason is where the truly elite separate themselves from the pack. As Odell Beckham Jr. prepares to return to the gridiron after his 2017 ankle injury, the Giants WR is looking to re-establish himself as one of the league's best players.

One of the people helping OBJ return to that level is USC's Director of Track and Field, Caryl Smith Gilbert. You may not immediately recognize the name, but chances are you've seen the fruits of her labor.

On June 9, USC's Kendall Ellis made an improbable comeback that would be more fitting for a Disney movie than the 2018 NCAA Track and Field Championships. Gilbert coached Ellis and the USC women's team to their amazing victory. She has served as the USC Director of Track and Field for five seasons and has coached at the collegiate level for 24 years. Gilbert, whose players won eight of the 21 events at the 2018 NCAA Championships, was recently named the Coach of the Year by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association.

Gilbert training OBJ is not her first connection to the gridiron -- her husband, Greg Gilbert, was a fifth-round draft pick in the 1989 NFL Draft. Greg, a linebacker out of Alabama, did not log any regular season games in the NFL, but he did spend a couple seasons in the World League of American Football (the predecessor to NFL Europe).

Beckham is already one of the league's fastest players, but the star wideout is always looking to get faster.

Back in 2016, he reached out to the Fastest Man on Earth in an effort to take his speed to the next level.

With his ankle healed and Gilbert's training, the league's cornerbacks should take note.

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