Why Football Fashion Will Rule Super Bowl 50

"Dress in your Sunday Best" has taken on a whole new meaning when it comes to football fashion. With one of the most iconic Super Bowls just days away, there's one question that's yet to be answered: What in the world are you going to wear?

Once a year, the Super Bowl morphs into a congregation of the hottest celebrities, artists and athletes from around the world. When you pack that much coolness into one space, people's finest football fashion is bound to take center stage.

I think we can all agree that Peyton Manning will go down as one of the greats. Collectively, we should admit to feeling hip-hop centric as we "Dab" in our living rooms while SuperCam scores another touchdown, but it's time to pay a little homage towards what really matters ... outer appearance.

Old vs. New
Traditional vs. Modern
Vintage vs. Swag

Any way you swing it, this quarterback battle mirrors their wardrobes on and off the field. Manning sums up what it means to be classic. He flaunts that good ol' boy style by keeping it simple yet sophisticated. You can catch him before games in a nice dark three-piece suit, or something more casual like a blazer paired with slacks. As for Newton, they don't call him SuperCam for nothing! This up-and-coming star is the furthest thing from fashion faux pas. He shines from head-to-toe in more daring contemporary pieces. His pre-game wardrobe has anything from pink bow ties and suede blazers to studded loafers. He is the epitome of "Swag Style." One thing's for sure, though, come Sunday: The only statement they'll both be making will be with the jerseys on their backs.

Speaking of jerseys, I'm sure Levi's Stadium will be decked out with powder blue and orange crush sparkling in the stands, but that won't be the only form of football fashion. Since it's Super Bowl 50, expect "All Gold Everything" everywhere. For the female fans out there, take advantage of this glitz and glam theme. Don't be afraid to wear some black skinnies with a gold Chuck Taylor metallic. You can pair that bottom with a cute top of your favored team found on NFL Shop. To finish the look, find a white crepe jacket that can hold a pendent necklace to tie back in the fierce gold shine.

Super Bowl 50 is bound to be magical. Whether it's on the field, at a party or in your living room, count on people wearing their Sunday best. At the end of the day, when Hollywood, fashion and football collide, we get nothing more than the biggest show on earth.

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