Who's your pick: Randy Moss or Terrell Owens?

Terrell Owens and Randy Moss entered football immortality on Saturday. Their induction ceremonies were about 600 miles apart, but the two will forever be linked in one of the greatest Hall of Fame classes of all time -- especially in terms of receivers.

At his peak, Moss has a solid case for being the most unstoppable wide receiver in NFL history. No one had really seen that level of athleticism, speed, and skills in a 6-foot-4 frame before. In 1998, Moss immediately put the league on notice by racking up 17 receiving touchdowns in his rookie season; setting a record that still stands today. Nearly a decade later, Moss linked up with Tom Brady to set the record for most receiving TDs in a season (23).

On the other side, you have Owens who is one of the most polarizing figures in NFL history. Despite the locker room drama, no one could deny his production on gameday. Owens is second all time in receiving yards (15,934) and third all-time in receiving TDs (153). No one could ever question his heart either. Aside from The Catch II, T.O.'s most notable game came in the Eagles' Super Bowl XXXIX loss to the Patriots. Owens played on a fractured fibula and led all Eagles receivers with nine receptions for 122 yards. Over one hundred yards... on a broken leg!

Moss has the distinction of being a first-ballot Hall of Famer, while Owens had to wait till his third year of eligibility to get in. That being said, both Moss and Owens have solid arguments for being the best WR of their generation, check out their stats in the infographic below and let us know your pick in the comment section.

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