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Who's to blame for Oakland Raiders' lack of success?

First-time coach Dennis Allen and new GM Reggie McKenzie haven't stemmed the blues from the late Al Davis Era. Is it fair to blame the old regime for this season's mess?

Al Davis, rest his soul, has been gone for 14 months. That's more than long enough for the Raiders and their nation to take a little accountability and stop blaming things on a ghost.

The old regime didn't leave Allen and McKenzie many draft picks, talent or salary-cap space to fortify a ho-hum roster.

In retrospect, dealing for the gracious pigskin donor -- aka Carson Palmer -- may not have been the wisest move. It may provide an excuse down the line, but not now, not this season.

Carson isn't the issue. McKenzie and Allen shouldn't get a pass either. Joe Philbin and Greg Schiano took over broke ball clubs and have them headed in the right direction.

This team's biggest single failing? Darren McFadden. Turns out he was the wrong pick -- but for the right reasons. He's the biggest talent. Is it Davis' fault the guy can't stay healthy?

Oh yeah? What about Rolando McClain? He's paid off, huh? There's enough disappointments on that roster to make our mothers cry. Still, you have to coach what you have. 3-9 is hardly OK.

Finally, consider the margins of defeat. The Raiders lost by 22 to Miami, 31 to Denver and 35 to Baltimore. Al Davis wasn't there. But the players and coaches were. Goodnight, pally.

Al Davis is always there. Don't ever discount that ... And Happy 50th birthday, hombre. Don't slip a disc.

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