Who's to blame for New York Giants' floundering passing game?

Giants WR Victor Cruz said the problems with the passing game aren't due to Eli Manning's "dead arm," but improper route running and lack of communication. Sounds like the blame's not Eli's.

We weren't having this discussion a month ago, were we? Remember way back when Eli Manning was on the express to Canton?

True. He might still be but they've got to get some things fixed -- at QB and receiver.

What's changed? Hakeem Nicks is hurt? Nothing new there. A revolving-door cast at receiver? Again, same old, same old. Ramses Barden looked like an All-Pro not long ago.

Yeah, but Cruz is getting covered differently with Nicks in and out of the lineup, and some of those guys who stepped up seem like they're having difficulty adjusting to different coverages.

Is it a tired arm? Cruz says no. Is it timing? Or something as old-fashioned as, well, a slump? I don't know. I just know that any way you cut it, it's on Eli.

Some of it's on Eli but if a receiver is breaking off a 10-yard route at eight yards, that throws off timing and accuracy. Hand in glove. It's why some guys get on the field and some don't.

First seven games? Eli was averaging 301 yards per game and completing 64 percent of his passes.

Not unusual. Neither is this skid. It's what the Giants do.

Last three games? Passer rating of 52, a completion percentage of 52 (Mark Sanchez territory), four picks - and just for you fantasy geeks - 0 TDs. Goodnight.

The Steelers and Cowboys can do that to a QB. Cincy? That shouldn't have happened. Giants better fix things or Dallas might steal their thunder -- until late December. Happy Thanksgiving!

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