Who's on the NFL's Mount Rushmore?

Today, America celebrates its 242nd birthday. From the Statue of Liberty to to the Lincoln Memorial, there are many national monuments and memorials that represent our country's history. However, one memorial that has always stood out from the others is Mount Rushmore. Turns out people take notice when you carve 60-foot heads into the granite face of a batholith. Sculptor Gutzon Borglum said he chose George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln because they were parts of the most important events in America's history.

In the nearly 77 years since its completion in October 1941, Mount Rushmore has come to be known for more than a tribute to four US presidents. It's become a figure used to distinguish the true all-time greats in their respective fields. So, who would be on the NFL's Mount Rushmore?

Lucky for you, we polled players and these are the responses we got: The four names that received the most votes were QB Tom Brady, LB Lawrence Taylor, RB Barry Sanders, and CB Deion Sanders -- a group of players who are widely regarded as the G.O.A.T.s of their respective positions. Do you agree with their selections? Check out some of the players' picks below and let us know who makes your NFL Mount Rushmore in the comments section.

Panthers WR Torrey Smith: Walter Payton, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Tom Brady

Jets QB Sam Darnold: Tom Brady, Walter Payton, Joe Montana, Lawrence Taylor

Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey: "My Mount Rushmore is me with four different expressions."

49ers DB Adrian Colbert: Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Jim Brown, Walter Payton

Ravens OT Orlando Brown Jr.: Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Barry Sanders, Dan Marino

Saints DE Cameron Jordan: Steve Jordan, Reggie White, Chris Doleman, Drew Brees

Chargers DT Brandon Mebane: "Mebane, Mebane, Mebane, Mebane -- my Mt. Rushmore."

Eagles C Jon Toth: Peyton Manning, Jeff Saturday, Roger staubach, Dermontti Dawson

49ers LB Eli Harold: Lawrence Taylor, Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, Joe Montana

Bills FB Mike Tolbert: Jerome Bettis, Jerry Rice, Brett Favre, Lawrence Taylor

Panthers CB Donte Jackson: Tom Brady, Deion Sanders, Ray Lewis, Barry Sanders

Ravens OT Greg Senat: Deion Sanders, Tony Gonzalez, Tom Brady, Ray Lewis

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