Who on Ravens will cover Patriots' Rob Gronkowski?

So much has changed about the Patriots and Ravens since their last playoff matchup that it's almost not worth comparing the two teams. Only 36 percent of the players are still on the rosters, and the strengths and weaknesses have changed dramatically.

The last time the Patriots beat the Ravens in the playoffs, Julian Edelman was playing significant snaps ... at cornerback. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were still involved when the Ravens last won. Perhaps the biggest change, however: the health of Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk missed the 2013 matchup between the teams and was injured in the 2012 Patriots victory. He missed last season's playoffs too, meaning the last time Gronkowski was truly healthy for a playoff matchup was his rookie season of 2010. Now he gets to face a Ravens secondary on Saturday that has plenty of issues.

Linebackers C.J. Mosley and Daryl Smith can't get keep up with Gronk. Safety Matt Elam isn't physical enough to hang with him. That leaves newcomer Will Hill to get the majority of snaps lining up across from Gronkowski.

"I hope so, it's like, 'What are we here for?' " Hill said, via the Baltimore Sun. "We're in the NFL to be at our best and go against the best, and he's one of the best. I have to be at my best against him, so I would love that."

"It's not just a one-man job, it's a team effort," Hill added. "He's not a slow guy. If you try to play off him, you're just giving him what he needs. If you play up, he has the strength to get through people. He's a beast. He has a lot of aggression."

Look for the Ravens to hit Gronkowski plenty near the line of scrimmage. They know that giving him a free release is defensive suicide. We've lauded the Ravens' defensive line's ability to get pressure with their front four, but quick passes can counteract that.

Ben Roethlisberger struggled to find the mismatches last week against Baltimore, but no one is better at quickly going through reads, and snapping off quick passes than Brady. Look for them to go to Gronkowski early and often.

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