Who needs to step up: Joe Flacco or Pittsburgh's defense?

The Steelers will start their backup QB against the Ravens. Seems like a perfect time for Baltimore's Joe Flacco to showcase himself. Who's feeling more pressure: Flacco or Pittsburgh's defense?

Step up? Pittsburgh's defense has been doing it all season. There are two guys with something to prove here. First is Pittsburgh OC Todd Haley. The second? Your boy, Joe "Is-he-really-elite?" Flacco.

Pittsburgh's defense better force a lot of punts and get Byron Leftwich short fields. The one thing the Steelers don't want to do is drive 80 yards after a score. Playing from behind won't be good.

You're forgetting -- you can run the ball against the Ravens this year. This is about Flacco. In a huge game, can he beat Leftwich? You want a big contract? That's the least you can do.

Good one, but he's not facing Leftwich. He's facing Pittsburgh's defense. If he rings it up, he'll move closer to getting paid. Yes, you can run on Baltimore, but it won't help if you're down.

The game's in Pittsburgh, right? Let me educate you, my friend. Flacco has a passer rating of 93 at home, 80 on the road, 75 versus the Steelers.

The Ravens (and Flacco) also have won three of the last four regular season meetings.

Yeah, but 4-6 for his career. And isn't that what this is about, the career of an alleged elite? Goodnight, brother.

Nope! This is about a game, and if the Steelers' D doesn't ball out, Flacco and the Ravens will take a two-game lead on Pittsburgh in the AFC North. That's what this is about, Homey.

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