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Who needs to step up for Pittsburgh Steelers?

Pittsburgh goes to rival -- and AFC North leading Baltimore -- needing to snap a two-game losing streak and not lose a grip on its postseason hopes. Who needs to step up?

So much to choose from. The Steelers have running back, offensive line and wide receiver issues. It has to be Ben Roethlisberger.

I think he'll end up starting despite the shoulder and rib injuries, but Mike Wallace is the guy. This is a tight game and Pittsburgh needs some explosive plays. He's the dude.

But there's no way for the Steelers to go down to Baltimore and win with Charlie Batch. I'm sorry. It just won't happen. If Pittsburgh is to have a chance, Big Ben must play.

Even if he doesn't, Wallace and those WRs have to help Batch out. Baltimore is tough at home but a quick strike early from the 'Burgh and Wallace could reset the tenor.

I'm in no way casting aspersions on Big Ben's toughness. Far from it. I can only imagine what he's gone through: The sleeplessness induced by the birth of your male heir, the displaced rib.

Dang man. You sound really sympathetic.

No Roethlisberger, no win. Did I mention the aorta? Goodnight.

What do you know about aortas? You have to have a heart to know about those.

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