Who are the 'Best in the Biz' on offense? These guys!

Which players make up the cream of the crop at their position? NFL Network analysts Jamie Dukes and Charles Davis unveil their top 5 at each offensive position, and you might be surprised at their selections. Read, watch and find out if you agree -- or if you think our guys are out of their minds.


Dukes' take: "Peyton Manning, he's got more records than we have time time to talk about. He is the gold standard, if you ask me, in the league."

Fan's take: "Someone must have hit Jamie with the dukes if he think mcnabb n big ben are top 5 going into this season. Manning, Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Romo." -- daboysnkgva

Your take: Did Dukes really rank Manning ahead of Drew Brees when Brees beat him head-to-head in the Super Bowl? Did Brett Favre get snubbed? Watch to find out, then join the discussion and let your voice be heard.

Running backs

Dukes' take: "Every week, week after week, this guy brought them dreads to work ... never complained about it. It was ugly, he did his job ... consummate professional."

Fan's take: "Ray Rice not on the list is a disgrace. 2041 total yards 2nd in the NFL. 5.3 per carry 9.0 yds per catch. If we gave him the ball in the red zone over McGahee he would have had 20 TDs" -- jravens13

Your take: Is it still considered debatable who the best running back in the league is between Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson? Or is it a foregone conclusion one way or the other? See who Dukes went with and chime in with your thoughts.

Wide receivers

Davis' take: "No. 1 is really No. 11, Larry Fitzgerald. Is there anything he can't do? I don't think so. ... This guy is something else."

Fan's take: "Wait, so Randy Moss is behind guys who dont have half the career touchdowns catches OR reciving yards that moss does??" -- pats4lifebb

Your take: There is a plethora of talented receivers in the NFL. So many, in fact, that you have to ask yourself: "Did Charles Davis get this right?" You may be surprised at who didn't make the cut. Let everyone know what you think.

Tight ends

Davis' take: "At No. 1, and no, folks, this is not a lifetime achievement award, this is still based on production: Tony Gonzalez. ... His next catch will be the 1,000th catch of his career."

Fan's take: "If any TE in the league is overrated it's Shockey ... not at all the player he was a couple years ago ... Witten is just a powerhouse, and like they said, he is super consistent ..." -- bigdsteve

Your take: Certainly the tight end position has evolved over the years, and Gonzalez is a big reason for that. But is he still the best in the biz this late in his career? Share your thoughts with football fans around the country.

Offensive linemen

Dukes' take: "On the interior three I like maulers; I like mean, nasty guys. And then I like dancers out at tackle, the guys who just nice and delicately sit back."

Fan's take: "Dude, Michael Oher and Jeff Saturday weren't even talked about that's just bad but i do agree w/ putting Clady at 2 and Hutch at 1" -- thecoltsown97

Your take: Jamie Dukes spent 10 years playing down in the NFL trenches, so he knows a thing or two about the best linemen in the biz -- or does he? See if you agree with his list and join the discussion on the NFL's big uglies.

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