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Which Wild Card Weekend team is best poised to make a run?

A Super Bowl team has played in six of the last seven wild card games. Who ya got from this weekend's games to crash the party?

You spend the entire season trying to school me on the Packers, and as soon as I start buying in, you want to make a debate out of it? C'mon. Of the wild card teams, it's got to be Green Bay.

I'm in with the Pack, you know that, but for the sake of argument my sleeper is Seattle. You don't want to mess with them right about now.

You want the team that's closest; you go with the team that's been there before.

Or, based on history, the team that's playing well, efficiently and with rage at the end of the season.

Go with the team with the best quarterback, in the NFC for sure, but probably, all of football.

I can't argue with that. Aaron Rodgers over a rookie is hard to compete with. So is Seattle's defense. Not quite sure the Packers want to wrangle with the production at all three levels.

It's not just Rodgers, though. The Packers are getting a Hall of Fame defensive back in Charles Woodson. They've got their Pro Bowl receiver back in Greg Jennings.

The Seahawks are getting back cornerback Brandon Browner. They also have the best running back not named Adrian Peterson.

Someone's going to have to run the ball. That's a concern. But there aren't any perfect teams. Besides us, I mean. Goodnight.

Word to ya' mother.

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