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Which team needs a running back to jumpstart offense most?

Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch proved it's not just QBs that can lead a team to the playoffs. What team this season most needs a RB to bolster the offense?

The Jets come to mind. It didn't bother anybody that Mark Sanchez was a rookie posing for fashion shoots when he had Thomas Jones running for 1,300 and 1,400 yards.

Pittsburgh. The cut Chris Rainey and don't have anyone speedy to change the game. They could use a Giovanni Bernard (UNC) or Johnathan Franklin (UCLA) type of runner.

Also, the Bengals. A play-making running back should be the difference between making the playoffs and winning a playoff game.

With Mike Wallace gone and TE Heath Miller's status uncertain after tearing his knee up, Pittsburgh has to hit some explosive plays. An RB that can catch like Franklin or Bernard, is needed.

But the team that most needs a non-QB playmaker is the one that supposedly already has one. That would be the Raiders. That would be Darren McFadden.

There's just no evidence to believe that he'll ever play a full season. He's never played more than 13 games. Worse than that, perhaps, his yards-per carry average is down to 3.3. Goodnight.

McFadden and his lack of durability is the least of Oakland's worries. I bet the Steelers would love to have him.

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