Which rookie QB has the most to work on: RG3 or Weeden?

Sophomore slump or not, Cam Newton's season proved opponents adjust. Which rookie QB will have the most to work on entering the 2013 season?

RGIII had the best regular season, but he's also got the most to work on.

Health-wise, definitely. However, Brandon Weeden, who has a new Browns coach in Rob Chudzinski, has the most work to do -- starting with him earning the starting job.

First, as we have heard from all the medical experts, an LCL takes more time to heal than an ACL. That means more work later in his rehab. But there's also conceptual work to be done.

We'll see if Chudzinski sees enough in Weeden to tailor things to him, like he did with Newton. Weeden, who played in a West Coast system in 2012, will have to broaden his game.

In Week 5, he went down with a concussion. In Week 14, it was the knee. Griffin and his coaches must figure out a way to play like himself -- as best he can -- and still stay on the field.

I don't know what's more important -- modifying the Pistol or learning to duck and slide. Goodnight.

Modifying the offense for RG3 because defenses will adjust. That won't be the case for Weeden. He has to adjust. He can be an NFL starter. We'll see if that's in Cleveland.

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