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Which NFL team would disappoint by not making playoffs?

Teams like the Giants, Vikings, Steelers, Bengals and Bears are on the fringe of the playoffs. Which team would be the biggest disappointment if it doesn't qualify?

Just a few months ago, we were parsing the definition of "dynasty" to argue that the Giants' run of two Super Bowls in five years merited that distinction. What happened?

Da Bears man. 7-1 start, now at 8-6 are really on the outside looking in. They have games against Arizona and Detroit but they need help. Not a handsome situation my man.

Remember, this was a team that found itself late last season. They were supposed to get better, not more inconsistent.

That happens with the Giants. The Bears have flamed out two years in a row. Injuries have crippled them again but so many other teams are dealing with similar, if not worse situations.

As the season began, no one was doubting Eli's supposed elite-ness. Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre-Paul were the kind of young stars who would personify the glories ahead for the Giants.

Now they get shut out by, who, the Falcons? That was a pretty short dynasty, huh?

Yo. You're hard to impress huh? What about the Bears being viewed as the best team in the NFL at midseason. The D was compared to the '85 Monsters. What now? Poof!

The Giants haven't had the kind of injury that would constitute an excuse. Look, there's no shame in not repeating as a Super Bowl winner. But not even making the playoffs? C'mon. Goodnight.

What's worse is having teams you smoked, like Dallas cop your spot. The Bears' collapse could cost some jobs. Like I said, not a handsome situation my man.

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