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Which Harbaugh brother made the bolder in-season call?

The Har-bros made some huge in-season moves: The 49ers Jim replacing QB Alex Smith with Colin Kaepernick; Baltimore's John replacing the fired Cam Cameron with Jim Caldwell.

The bigger, more momentous decision was made by Jim Harbaugh. It's riskier. But it stands to pay more dividends. It was done to get to the Super Bowl.

That decision was made after injury, giving him and excuse to play a guy he felt was better. John's move was bolder because he changed his play-caller with the playoffs on the line.

You have to remember, what's happened to Baltimore isn't just offense. It's defense. They beat Denver with defense. It didn't take a genius to see Ray Rice needed a few more carries.

Caldwell has stabilized an offense that's scored 62 points in two playoff games and seen quarterback Joe Flacco throw 5 TDs and 0 picks.

Going to Kaepernick in the middle of a season -- high risk, higher reward. To this point, it has transformed the offense. Look at the effect it's had on Michael Crabtree.

No doubt there, but Caldwell has stabilized the offense. Rice told me that Caldwell doesn't change much. He goes in with the game plan and allows players to out-execute the opponents.

Will you believe me when San Francisco plays New England in the Super Bowl? Goodnight.

Sure ... Or Baltimore. (Don't sleep on the Falcons).

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