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What we're not overreacting to after Week 5

*Half of the league is miserable every Tuesday. Half of the league is on top of the world. This column is here to tell you that the sky isn't necessarily falling. (Or that it's early to break out the champagne.) Here are the storylines we're not overreacting to after Week 5. *

Geno Smith, franchise savior:Was it only one week ago I was writing not to bury Smith because of his meltdown against the Tennessee Titans? New York Jets fans like "Around The League Podcast" host Dan Hanzus were apoplectic, wondering if the team possibly could let Geno remain as the starting quarterback all year considering his mistakes.

One thrilling performance by Smith later, and Rex Ryan is puffing his chest out again. Jets fans are thinking playoffs. This is life with a rookie quarterback. Geno Smith has shown more early this season than we expected, and that's something to be excited about. Just keep all this excitement in mind the next time Smith throws in another stinkbomb performance. 

Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins: Both teams have lost back-to-back games after starting out 3-0, including convincing losses to the Saints. No one should be surprised. Both teams will lose to "elite" teams and be in close battles otherwise. This is life for a middle-of-the-road NFL squad. They have the talent and quarterbacks to make a run at a playoff berth, but expecting anything more than nine or 10 wins is expecting too much.

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NFL Replay will re-air a special 3.5-hour version of the Denver Broncos' 51-48 win over the Dallas Cowboys from Week 5 on Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 9 p.m. ET.

Tony Romo: We've been through this one already, so there's no need to belabor the point. Romo has been one of the steadiest quarterbacks in the league this season, enjoying a nice uptick from a down year in 2012.

(The Cowboys' defense, on the other hand, is worth worrying about.)

Matt Ryan: This season is a great example of why wins and losses are overrated when it comes to quarterbacks. We'd argue that Ryan has played better this year than one season ago, and the Falcons are 1-4. After Julio Jones' devastating injury, life only is going to get tougher.

49ers' turnaround: It's a credit to San Francisco's coaching staff that they won two games without needing to effectively throw the ball. But they will need to find a passing game at some point, and we're now one month removed from Colin Kaepernick throwing the ball particularly well.

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