What was up with those gold-tinged Ravens pants?

One of the more visually shocking elements to come out of Sunday's slate of action: Those awkward mustard-stained pants donned by the four-win Baltimore Ravens.

One question: Why?

"That was in the works for all the way back to last season," coach John Harbaugh said Monday, per ESPN.com. "It was our 20th anniversary season. If we'd been doing a little bit better, you might have seen them a little bit sooner. That was a nod to the tradition."

It's an odd choice by the organization. Normally decked out in regal purple, white and black, the typically fashionable Ravens have never made golden garb a heavy part of their repertoire. Sunday's leggings felt more like a nod to the rival Pittsburgh Steelers, but Harbaugh says the locker room was a fan of the new look.

"The players like it. They like something different," Harbaugh said. "I didn't take a vote to see who liked them and who didn't like them. They were excited to be out there with a little different look."

Our suggestion: Bury these ill-fated pants deep below the earth. There must be a better way to celebrate the birth of a proud franchise ripped straight from the heart of Cleveland.

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