What does 'Omaha' mean? Reggie Wayne knows

What does "Omaha" mean? We might finally have a concrete answer.

On NFL GameDay Morning on Sunday, former Colts receiver Reggie Wayne said that during his playing days with Peyton Manning, the famous audible meant that Manning was going to flip the play from one side to the other.

"'Omaha' means ... he's going the other way," Wayne said. "If it's a run to the right -- if it's dive right, 'Omaha' is gonna be dive left."

Wayne, who also said that Manning required receivers to memorize four typed pages of signals before every game -- "font 12," Wayne added -- guaranteed that there was no way "Omaha" meant the same thing then as it does now.

Many people have guessed over the years and some, like the Seahawks in the Super Bowl two years ago, guessed correctly. One former NFL quarterback told Around The NFL that at one point in time, "Omaha" was an indicator signal, and that the next word out of Manning's mouth after "Omaha" was supposed to be the snap call.

Whatever it means, it illustrates just how cerebral and over-prepared Manning had to be in order to become a legend. Over almost two decades of football, he's had to change thousands of signals and hand gestures and teach dozens of receivers what they mean. Like Tom Brady, he's maximized the skillset of so many receivers due to his relentless preparation.

Manning hopes that on Sunday, "Omaha" can result in a few passing touchdowns.

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