Welker's amazing day is the top fantasy storyline

What a crazy week in fantasy football, with some high scores, some huge disappointments and injuries. It always seems to be about the injuries, right?

Wes Welker just scored ten more fantasy points while you were reading this
Alright, Welker put up nearly 40 points (in standard formats) against the Bills on Sunday, and it was a pretty epic performance. However, that kind of overshadowed the performance that his teammate Rob Gronkowski put in, too -- scoring 35 points. There are a lot of guys out there who love to load up on fantasy players of one team, and you are in luck if you are a Patriots fan and do that. Or a Packers fan who played Jermichael Finley. The Packers tight end had three touchdown receptions this week, so the question for fantasy enthusiasts to ponder this week, who would you rather have, Gronkowski or Finley? Talk about it.

Cam Newton is human
Newton's NFL debut is a nice story, but some fantasy enthusiasts started taking it just a little bit too far. In fact, some of the questions coming through to NFL Fantasy Live on Sunday morning were asking if it was a good idea to start Newton over fantasy stalwarts such as Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. Yes, it was not. Newton certainly was a better option than Michael Vick (sorry about that), but it might be time to pump the brakes a bit on Newton just yet.

Who is Torrey Smith?
That is the question that everybody was asking when Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco completed three bombs to Smith in the first quarter of Baltimore's romp over St. Louis. (Although, an 18-yard touchdown pass is hardly a bomb, but let me turn a phrase, would ya?) Could Smith be that deep-play threat that the Ravens have been looking for all of these years? Oh wait, he walked off the field limping. Well, that is typical of the Ravens.

Panicking about Frank Gore and Chris Johnson
How about this for an emerging trend in the NFL - a running back signs a big-time deal and immediately goes into the tank? Gore and Johnson both got new contracts this year (Johnson had a long holdout, not that you forgot that) and have yet to produce anything as of yet. Is it time to start panicking? Johnson is bound to rebound this season, and he will be a bigger part of the offense with the loss of Kenny Britt. But Gore and the 49ers might be nearing a lost cause, because that offense looks terrible.

Again, it is the injuries
Week 3 left a number of big-time fantasy studs ailing. Michael Vick has a contusion in his non-throwing hand, Antonio Gates was inactive, as was Beanie Wells and the topper was losing Britt. And that's not to mention that Arian Foster did not play again. There is going to be a lot of scrambling on the waiver wire this week, and we will be sure to cover all of the guys that you need to target this week on NFL Fantasy Live.

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