Weekly rankings: Patriots still on top, Cardinals climbing

This is how the NFL's 32 teams stack up after Week 5:


(Teams, listed with record and previous week's ranking, that look good enough to be among the 12 playoff qualifiers but not based on conference)

1. New England (5-0; 1): The schedule finally gives the Pats the chance to quiet skeptics who say they haven't beaten anybody.

2. Indianapolis (5-0; 2): How much stronger will this team be with an extra week for injured stars to heal?

3. Pittsburgh (4-1; 5): See the Colts' comment above.

4. Dallas (5-0; 3):Wade Phillips got an early Christmas gift from a former employer.

5. Green Bay (4-1; 4): It doesn't get any easier with the Redskins coming to town.

6. Tennessee (3-1; 6): The Titans need to win because of Vince Young, not in spite of him.

7. Jacksonville (3-1; 10): David Garrard seems to be settling in as a starter.

8. Washington (3-1; 11): The pieces just might be starting to fall into place.

9. Arizona (3-2; unranked): Now let's see what Kurt Warner can do as a starter.

10. Seattle (3-2; 8): The Seahawks have a chance to get well in a hurry.

11. Tampa Bay (3-2; 9): Running out of running backs.

12. Detroit (3-2; 7): Two blowout losses in three weeks make it very hard to believe in these guys.


(Listed alphabetically)
Baltimore Ravens (3-2)
Carolina Panthers (3-2)
Chicago Bears (2-3)
Houston Texans (3-2)
Kansas City Chiefs (2-3)
New York Giants (3-2)


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