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Weekly Rankings: LeSean McCoy leads Eagles flock

Hey everybody, it's the first week of the regular season and I hope you're ready. Here are the initial rankings for Week 1. If you're still waiting to do your draft, go check out our Top 200. This is for the first week. Let's have some fun.


  • Luck has a great matchup this week against the Raiders so he's a great play.
  • I'm high on Jay Cutler this season but he opens with the Bengals. This might not be the right week to puff out my chest and crow about him.

Running backs

  • Both running backs in the East Coast Monday night game are going to kill it. I look for this to be a 59-57, Pac-12-style shootout. I couldn't be more bullish on Eagles players.

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  • Ryan Mathews is starting to grow on me, but he's got a tough matchup out of the gate. I have him just ahead of Shane Vereen, but check back with me later in the week, I could end up changing my mind.
  • If you drafted Ben Tate to snake the guy who drafted Arian Foster, there will be some weeks he can be your flex play. I wouldn't hate to use him in that role this week.

Wide receivers

  • I'm going to start with Wes Welker just above Eric Decker, but both are pretty good starts this week. Nothing says great Peyton Manning game like a season opener when the weather is good.
  • T.Y. Hilton likely makes my list of sleepers this week.

Tight ends

  • Let's just get ready to keep Jimmy Graham at the top spot for the entire year.
  • Vernon Davis is going to be targeted more than any other 49ers receiver. Get ready for a huge year from him.
  • You're going to need to be patient with Brandon Myers, but the production eventually will be there.


  • Seabass!


  • My philosophy is to use the wire to pick up defenses. My first pick this week is the Buccaneers. They will play the Jets, and they have Revis Island. A great option.
  • If some savvy member of your league already has the Bucs (likely because they follow me on Twitter), the Colts are a nice option, too.
  • If you miss out on the Colts and Bucs, why not the Chiefs?
  • If you drafted the 49ers, still play them against the Packers. You don't want to go fooling around with it.

Did you know that Adam Rank won last year's Expert's League title? Oh that's right, it's like the only thing he ever talks about. Well congratulations, Rank. You finally did something. What have you done for us lately? Let's worry about 2013 and stop living in the past. Typical Lakers fan, am I right? Oh, if you found this useful (as if) check him out on the latest "Dave Dameshek Football Program". And follow him on Twitter, please. He's taking us to lunch if he gets 17 more Twitter followers today. And we only got 15 the last time, so step up fantasy enthusiasts!

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