Weekly rankings: Jamaal Charles injury a concern

If you've spent any time with me on Twitter during the preseason games, you know we like to play with #fantasyoverreactions. You see a guy going nuts during a preseason game and you want to make sure he jumps up your fantasy draft board.

Sometimes it's warranted. Other times not so much. But in this week in the rankings I'm going to try not to overreact too much to what we say in Week 1 of the preseason both good and bad. So let's get to it.


  • The first 12 are basically interchangeable at this point, with only modest twists and turns. RG3 won't play in the preseason, which could mean he takes a tumble or two in your fantasy drafts, which is good for you.
  • QB Eagles is still my best bet for a top backup in 12-team leagues.
  • I've moved EJ Manuel up to No. 25. He's going to have a chance to play in Buffalo, and that's huge. If you end up with somebody like Rodgers or Brees and likely won't need a backup QB save the bye week, Manuel could be an option. In fact, let's do a nice little chart here for some of the top QBs bye week and who the Bills play.


  • Wait, did I move Charles down a few spots because of the injury news coming out of Kansas City? That answer is yes. I sure did.
  • Jackson is going to end up as such a huge steal for fantasy enthusiasts this year. Jackson and Michael Turner had similar numbers in each of the last five years except in one category, touchdowns (60 to 26). More than two-to-one. Jackson will get those attempts this year.
  • Ridley looked great in his first preseason action. The Patriots preseason gameplan was to run the ball. This could bleed into the regular season. That's why Patriots running backs run up, and Brady is a little worrisome for me.


  • Still holding tight with Dez at the No. 2 slot. I'm very confident in him this year. Fitzgerald is going to be great, too.
  • Givens is the St. Louis FC receiver to own. Trust me.
  • This might be trendy in coming days, but I was high on Allen before all of the injuries in San Diego. Dude, I sound like one of those hipsters who talk about the bands they saw in tiny clubs.
  • But that won't stop me from bragging about Thompkins, who I talked about in the most recent Fantasy Live podcast.


Davis is still the guy I would target based on ADP. But maybe if we can spread enough propaganda, we can end up moving Gronkowski low enough on draft boards.

You want to know who marked out like no other when Sudfeld caught that 22-yard reception? This guy. (I was pointing to myself. I guess it loses something when you can't see me doing this "this guy" move. I apologize for that.)


Draft Sebastian Janikowski and the defense matched up against the Jets. And that's it!

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