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Weekly rankings: A good RB remains hard to find

Apologies to everybody for not having Peyton Hillis ranked higher than Adrian Peterson this week. How could we not see that coming? Actually, was Hillis even on the New York Giants roster when we published the "too soon" rankings last Tuesday?

If you're still talking to us after last week, thank you. Here's a first look at the rankings for Week 8. Of course, be sure to check back during the week because I change my mind a lot.


  • Let's not let another big-game loss for Peyton Manning override the fact that he had another stellar fantasy performance.
  • Tom Brady has 13 total touchdowns in his last six home games against the Dolphins. He hasn't thrown an interception in his last three home games against the Dolphins.
  • RGIII has 155 rushing yards in his last two games. Remember, it took some time for Adrian Peterson to get back last year, too. All of you waiting for him to truly find himself, well, he's done it.
  • Eli Manning has at least two touchdown passes in three consecutive road games against the Eagles.

Running backs

  • The Giants have done a good job against LeSean McCoy, as they've held him to one touchdown in his last four meetings. But this Giants team is special. And not in a good way.

Wide receivers

  • The Vikings have locked up Jordy Nelson in nine career meetings, but he breaks free against them this week.
  • DeSean Jackson has recorded at least 85 receiving yards in three consecutive games against the Giants. And he's had a touchdown in back-to-back games against New York.
  • Victor Cruz has had at least 100 receiving yards in two career road meetings with the Eagles.
  • Larry Fitzgerald is one of the most targeted receivers in the league. A good matchup makes him a great play this week.

Tight end


  • It's going to take me about half a day to add Seabass to all of my fantasy teams this week. I hate the Raiders' bye week.


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