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Week 8 Madden matchups

Madden Matchups Week 8

EA Sports

Welcome to the Week 8 Madden matchup preview, where we break down the three best games of the week from the perspective of the Madden player. So pick up those controllers and get ready for some gaming action.

In real life, both of these coaches have atrocious at clock management skills. So long as you don't run out of timeouts before the two-minute warning, you're already doing better than these two. Yes, the Lions offense now has a new coordinator, but that won't be reflected in the way the game plays. Your best bet is to play as the Lions (which is the obvious choice). Their offense is simply more fun and playing against an always-tough KC defense presents an interesting challenge. In the actual game, it will be crucial for Matthew Stafford to find which receiver Marcus Peters is lined up against so he knows which side to avoid. In Madden, Peters' rating of 77 isn't enough to prevent you from testing the rookie corner against the upward trending Calvin Johnson (96 overall). Also, your game will be won (or lost) in how you choose to use Eric Ebron against the undersized Chiefs safeties or the slightly slower Chiefs linebackers. Get the rock to the big-bodied pass catchers and enjoy your win.

My goodness, the Broncos have the best defense in the league. The tough (and very not fun) part about playing as the Broncos is that Peyton Manning's passes just don't have the same speed anymore. To make matters worse, Madden has begun to notice and Manning's overall rating has slid down one point. As the weather begins to turn and the hits begin to add up, it would only make sense that this rating will continue to decline. Play as the Packers in this game. Accept the challenge of playing as the leagues best QB against the leagues toughest defense. It will be simple, establish a balanced offense and whatever you do. Whatever you do, don't turn the ball over.

Thankfully Ben Roethlisberger is back and you no longer need to play as an ancient Mike Vick or the outclassed Landry Jones. We will get to see one of the most dynamic offenses at full strength as the Steelers play all of their weapons at once. If you want to play this game for fun, and only for fun, play as the Steelers and watch the yards and points soar. If you want to put your skills to the test, play as the Bengals and try your hardest to keep up with the Steelers high octane offense. As the Bengals, line A.J. Green up against Antwon Blake and try to get Green in a one-on-one situation. Pound the rock with the two headed monster lurking in the Bengals backfield and eventually set up your deep shot to Mohamed Sanu.

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