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Week 7 Madden matchups

Madden matchup tos

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Welcome to the Week 7 Madden matchup preview, where we break down the three best games of the week from the perspective of the Madden player. So pick up those controllers and get ready for some gaming action.

Can you use the Eagles to hand the Panthers their first loss of the season? Despite not having as potent an offense as people initially thought, there are elements that can be used to do what the Seattle Seahawks failed to finish last week. The first thing is that you won't need to worry about a receiver beating Byron Maxwell because the Panthers don't have any of those. The only target you need to worry about is tight end Greg Olsen, who should be neutralized by linebackers. On offense, try to run the ball with DeMarco Murray using Chip Kelly's non dumpster fire formations. By non dumpster fire, I mean running the ball out of power and single-back formations. Let Murray get some steam before hitting the line.

Speaking of dumpster fires. This game is probably not the one that you will watch come Sunday, but that doesn't mean it won't be an incredibly fun game to play. Chaos. Just pure chaos. If you play as the Redskins, look to establish the run. When that doesn't work start slinging the ball with Kirk Cousins and hope that it doesn't end up in a defender's hands. If you play as the Bucs, lean on Doug Martin and try to use Jameis Winston sparingly. If you can set up the run, look to launch a deep ball or two to Mike Evans or Vincent Jackson. The Tampa offense should be producing more often than it has this season.

Mike Vick. That name alone should bring back some fond Madden memories. It could also bring back some Madden nightmares or your buddy moving the sticks with as Vick runs passed defenders with ease. Is his speed still as overpowered as it was in previous games? Absolutely not. Can he pass as well as before? No. Does he still fumble after every hit? Of Course! These are not reasons that should stop you from using him ... his injury could be. Facing a potential game with Landry Jones under center, your best bet is to feed Le'Veon Bell often. With a blitz coming, try a short slant route to either Antonio Brown or Martavis Bryant and let their speed do the work. If you play as the Chiefs, do your best to not do Andy Reid things. Try to throw the ball sparingly and do your best to figure out which running back you prefer to use in the game. I can tell you that even the Chiefs have no idea which back they should be using. Of course, you could always ignore the injuries to Ben Roethlisberger and Jamaal Charles, but where's the fun in that?

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