Week 6 fantasy football #KABOOM winners

Each week, we at NFL fantasy like to bestow #KABOOM awards on the top players at each position that deliver monster performances for their fantasy owners. Week 4 had no shortage of star performers and surprises, but there were a few players in particular who deserve the nod for dominating their position: Peyton Manning, Branden Oliver, Demaryius Thomas and Greg Olsen.

Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers -- 34.06 fantasy points

A world where Cam Newton is running the ball effectively and racking up fantasy points is a much better world to be a part of. And that's what happened once again on Sunday, when Newton rushed for over 100 yards -- something he hadn't done since Week 12 of 2012. Cam's fantastic day fell just short of the highest fantasy point total for a quarterback all season, as Russell Wilson's 34.24 outing last week edged out Cam by a mere .18 fantasy points.

Matt Forte, RB, Chicago Bears -- 27.70 fantasy points

Over the past two weeks, Forte is tied for third in the NFL in targets. We all new Forte was a force in the passing game, but right now he's on pace for 122 receptions this season. That's insane. While it's doubtful he hits that number (he'll have plenty, don't worry) in the short term it's great to see him back in action as a fantasy force. Those few weeks where he had single-digit points earlier this season were tough to stomach.

T.Y. Hilton, WR, Indianapolis Colts -- 28.30 fantasy points

I'm pretty sure the Texans are still unaware that T.Y. Hilton is a real person. At least that's how it seemed while watching Hilton absolutely torch the Texans secondary for 223 receiving yards and a touchdown on Thursday night.

Julius Thomas, TE, Denver Broncos -- 17.10 fantasy points

Thomas took fantasy football by storm last season, finishing as the third-highest scoring tight end in fantasy behind his 12 touchdown receptions. So far this season, Thomas has nine receiving touchdowns -- in five games. He's on pace for 27 receiving touchdowns (which would obliterate Randy Moss' single-season record of 23). So it's no surprise that Thomas swooped in as the top fantasy tight end on Sunday.

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