Week 5: Packers, Saints lead the way; Bills' first loss costly

Not much change at the top of the NFL.com Power Poll this week. The Packers and Saints retain the top two spots, respectively, while Baltimore and Detroit flip-flopped at No. 3 and No. 4.

How they voted ...

While the Packers grabbed all nine first-place votes again, there was no consensus on the undefeated Lions. See which experts barely snuck Detroit in their top five. **Expert Rankings ...**

» **Fan Rankings:** Prove the experts wrong

One of the biggest falls belong to the Buffalo Bills, whose loss at Cincinnati dropped them out of the top five and all the way down to 10th.

Other notable developments from Week 4:

» The New York Jets, ranked No. 3 just two weeks ago, are now at No. 14 after two straight losses.

» For what it's worth, the Philadelphia Eagles are the highest-ranking 1-3 team, at No. 20.

» There was a tie at the bottom, with the 0-4 Rams and the 0-4 Vikings each totaling 27 points. The Vikings, however, captured four last-place votes to the Rams' two.

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