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Week 4 fantasy matchups hinge on Monday night

If your fantasy matchup hinges on the Monday night game between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs, there's a good possibility that it will come down to two players that will either make or break you: Jamaal Charles and Rob Gronkowski. Both have dealt with injuries already this season, as Gronk eases his way back to full-time action after rehabbing his knee, and Charles is set to return to his starting role after suffering a high-ankle sprain in Week 2.

Both should play a big role for their respective teams and if they fail to make an impact be sure to tweet your #MondayNightmare@AdamRank. That way, we can all experience the horror of losing, or glory of victory together. Here's a player-by-player breakdown of what you should be looking for Monday night.

Matt Franciscovich is an associate fantasy editor at Follow him on Twitter _**@mfranciscovich**_.

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