Week 17: Top teams hold onto spots; Lions make a move

The Green Bay Packers no longer have an unblemished record, but they're perfect in the Power Poll. After one week, the Packers have returned to the unanimous pick as No. 1. An easy win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday night might not have given back the team's air of inviniciblitity, but it quelled any questions of whether the Packers are the league's top team.

How they voted ...

Mike McCarthy's Green Bay Packers are once more the unanimous No. 1 in the NFL.com Power Poll. Find out where our experts rank your favorite team **here ...**

" **Fan Rankings:** Prove the experts wrong

And it appears this could be a wire-to-wire effort for the Pack, which started the season at No. 1 and has not been dethroned.

The New Orleans Saints ride close behind the Packers again, this time establishing themselves as the consensus No. 2 team. The Patriots were No. 3 almost across the board, but a lone holdout had the San Francisco 49ers instead. The order of the top six teams remained unchanged.

Other notable developments from Week 16:

» Making a jump to No. 9, the Cincinnati Bengals are the highest-ranked team yet to clinch a playoff spot.

» With their second win of the season, the Indianapolis Colts are out of the cellar. The St. Louis Rams take over the bottom spot with seven of nine last-place votes.

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