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Week 16 fantasy football #KABOOM winners

Each week, we at NFL fantasy like to bestow #KABOOM awards on the top players at each position that deliver monster performances for their fantasy owners. Week 16 had no shortage of star performers and surprises (although most were on the Seahawks). Nevertheless, there were a few players in particular who deserve the nod for dominating their position: Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Odell Beckham Jr. and Luke Willson.

Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks -- 36.36 fantasy points

It's truly a joy watching Wilson play the quarterback position. His ability to escape pressure is unrivaled in the NFL right now, and he's making all of the right decisions on whether to run or pass. That's evidenced by his 339 passing yards, 88 rushing yards and three total touchdowns in Sunday's thrashing of the Cardinals.

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seattle Seahawks -- 23.30 fantasy points

Fantasy owners were sweating as this game kicked off and Lynch was on the bench battling an upset stomach. The only thing that was upset after this game was over were the stomachs of the Cardinals defenders as they watched Lynch gash them for 113 yards and two touchdowns, including an epic 79-yard rumble that rivaled the original "Beast Mode" play in the 2011 postseason game against the Saints.

Odell Beckham Jr., WR, New York Giants -- 26.80 fantasy points

The exploits of ODB are becoming so grandiose that I feel we might need to devote an entire hour of programming on NFL Network to him next season. We can call it "As the Odell Bekcham Turns." This week's episode would have featured a clinic on how to play wide receiver, as he dropped 148 receiving yards and two touchdowns on the St. Louis secondary, beating them in just about every way possible. If you're paying attention, yes this is virtually exactly what I wrote last week for Beckham, but I think it makes even more sense now given his continuous ridiculous play.

Luke Willson, TE, Seattle Seahawks -- 25.90 fantasy points

Congratulations to Willson, who makes his first appearance in this #KABOOM column with an impressive 139-yard, two-touchdown outing against the Cardinals. Both of those totals were career highs for Willson, but his career high in catches was five, a mark he set in Week 3 of his rookie year against the Jaguars. If you were bold enough to start Willson in your fantasy championship, you deserve all of the congratulations.

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