Week 15 upset specials? Keep eye on Colts, Chargers

In the Week 14 Viewer's Guide, I predicted there would be something crazy in the Chiefs-Jets game, but I didn't think it was going to be Todd Haley getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and then getting fired. Since I'm red-hot in the Crazy Prediction Category (one in a row), here's another one: the Colts will win this week. With the Titans QB situation in flux, I'm smelling a late turnover to prevent 0-16. Remember, it's really, really hard to go winless for an entire season. And here's my trump card: Dan Orlovsky knows about going O-fer. He quarterbacked the Lions (to an 0-7 mark) in 2008 on their way to 0-16. Can you imagine if he's in on two 0-16 teams? That's a crueler fate than being Fred Merkle, Bill Buckner and Scott Norwood combined. God needs to channel-surf away from the Broncos just a few seconds for this one.

THE GAME WE'LL BE TALKING ABOUT MONDAY: Patriots-Broncos. Tebow v. Belichick is like Skywalker v. Vader. It would be hard to bet against Tim Tebow even if Bill Belichick somehow chopped off his arm during the second half. I don't think the good times end for Tebow, but the temporary brakes will be applied. Look, the Patriots have allowed 400-yard passing days this season to Chad Henne and Vince Young. Jason Campbell and Dan Orlovsky went for more than 340. I think Browning Nagle had 275 and a TD. Tebow will move the Broncos, and they'll score. They just won't score enough to beat New England. This one goes to the Empire.

Fantasy hero: Wes Welker. The Broncos will concentrate on stopping Rob Gronkowski, opening things up for Welker, who will be over 20 fantasy points.

THE GAME THAT COULD END 3-2: Steelers-49ers. In a different world, like Thunderdome, this would be a Super Bowl preview. Unfortunately for fans of defense, the Packers and Patriots play in the NFL, so it won't be. Don't worry about Ben Roethlisberger for Monday night. The NFL's version of John Wayne is going to be under center. I honestly think he enjoys being hurt and plays better when he is. But even if he doesn't play, Pittsburgh wins behind Bubby, er, Charlie Batch. This game will also coincide with San Francisco's slow descent back to reality. Now, a bye is going to be lost to the Saints, thanks to the loss in Arizona and what will happen Monday night. As tight as this one will be, do you really think Alex Smith is going to be able to put enough points on the board to win when he couldn't against the Cardinals? And after allowing 282 through the air to Red Skelton, is there any doubt Patrick Willis, who missed the game, is the defensive MVP in the NFL this season? Am I through asking questions? Am I?

Fantasy hero: The Steelers defense gets at least five sacks and a couple of turnovers on their way to a 10-plus point night.

THE TODD HALEY/TONY SPARANO UNDERCARD GAME OF THE WEEK: Ravens-Chargers. It's like Haley, Sparano and Norv Turner are triplets separated at birth with how much they've been mentioned together this week. Once again, this looks like a typical Chargers team: underachieving for most of the season, but they come back riding a hot streak to the AFC West crown before disappointing in the playoffs and (insert head coach's name here) could lose his job. It's as if every year they're bored and they decide, "OK, how long can we go this time before turning it on? How about Week 11?" They're still in the race, and after Denver's likely loss to New England, the Chargers could be a game out of first if they can top the Ravens. This is a game the Chargers can pull out. Who knew Malcom Floyd was the key to the team? Since he returned two weeks ago, combined with Antonio Gates being the healthiest he's been all year, the Bolts offense has been unstoppable. This offense is tailor-made to give the Ravens' issues because they can make plays 20 yards down the field with three dangerous wideouts, Gates and running backs who can catch the ball out of the backfield. This is a Ravens team that has lost at Tennessee, at Jacksonville, and at Seattle. It won't be high-scoring, but Norv lives to coach another day.

Fantasy hero: Ray Rice. In defeat, he's near 150 total yards and a TD.

THE TODD HALEY/TONY SPARANO MAIN EVENT GAME OF THE WEEK: Cowboys-Buccaneers. In one corner, we have Jason Garrett and his "kicker-icing/clock management" hot seat. In the other, it's Raheem Morris and his "we were going to fire you but didn't know who to promote" hot seat. I bet the Bucs tried to do what corporations do and dissolve the position to save money, but then realized someone had to wear a headset Sunday (or, in this case, Saturday night). But as difficult as it is for Morris, it is nothing like Garrett, who looks like the Heat Miser in comparison. Whatever he touches melts. He's too much. Nothing short of the NFC East crown will save his job after two disastrous weeks in a row. When Jerry Jones is yelling at you to call timeout from the owner's box, your job security ain't the best in the business. I actually could pick the Buccaneers in this one if I didn't think they'd already quit on the season. 41-14 to Jacksonville? Come on. Out of all the rookie QBs who have played this season, Blaine Gabbert is the only one who can't dominate, and he threw for two TDs against the Bucs. Dallas is just too talented on offense to not win this one in a walk. The Bucs weren't as good as they thought they were this season and couldn't deal with adversity. Not that the Cowboys can, but at least they have experience with it. They right the ship this week, all while Jon Gruden and Brian Billick are bandied about for 2012.

Fantasy hero: Miles Austin. After a week to get back in the swing, he's near 20 fantasy points as Tony Romo continues to roll.

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