Week 10 fantasy football #KABOOM winners

Each week, we at NFL fantasy like to bestow #KABOOM awards on the top players at each position that deliver monster performances for their fantasy owners. Week 10 had no shortage of star performers and surprises, but there were a few players in particular who deserve the nod for dominating their position: Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch, Dez Bryant and Jimmy Graham.

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers -- 36.60 fantasy points

Boy, did that Sunday night game get out of hand in a hurry. Much ballywho was made the last few weeks about Ben Roethlisberger throwing for six touchdowns in back-to-back games. Rodgers threw six touchdowns ... in the first half! The Green Bay signal-caller was pin-point with his passes all game (and it helped that the Bears inexplicably refused to cover Jordy Nelson), dicing up the Chicago secondary while throwing a touchdown pass to five different players, and one at every skill position, too. Well, save for the fullback, but we won't hold that against him.

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seattle Seahawks -- 40.30 fantasy points

The Seahawks seemed to be returning to their run-first ways in recent weeks, but they REALLY got back to the ground game in Week 10. Lynch had 140 rushing yards and four touchdowns, barely looking as if he broke a sweat while steam-rolling Giants defenders all afternoon. This was as dominant as we've seen Lynch all season, and it's a frightening thought for teams facing Seattle in the coming weeks.

Dez Bryant, WR, Dallas Cowboys -- 27.80 fantasy points

Bryant had been super consistent from a fantasy perspective all season long, but hadn't had a breakout game to date. Well, he had a breakout first half against the Jaguars in London, absolutely shredding their secondary on short and long passes. I'm honestly not sure any of those Jacksonville players even wanted to tackle Bryant the way he was swatting them away like flies.

Jimmy Graham, TE, New Orleans Saints -- 19.60 fantasy points

With Gronk on a bye, it left the path to the week's top-scoring tight end position wide open for Graham, and he took the opportunity. The disappointing thing is that he could have had around a 30-point afternoon had his last-second touchdown not been nulified by a penalty.

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