Weeden's draft night goes just like he drew it up

Brandon Weeden's night went pretty much just the way he wanted.

He spent the first night of the NFL draft at home, hanging out with friends and otherwise trying to act normal on a day that had no hope of being normal.

Rather than putting on a suit and hanging out backstage - for who knows how long - at Radio City Music Hall, the former Oklahoma State quarterback decided to spend it at home in Edmond, Okla.

"I didn't know where I might land or how it was going to shake out," Weeden said, shortly after he was drafted. "You just hope you get an opportunity to play in the NFL. I'm finally going to get the opportunity to do that."

That's the only uncertainty he's put behind him. The Cleveland Browns took him with their second pick of the first round, grabbing him at No. 22.

Cleveland, of course, already has a starting quarterback in Colt McCoy. Though last season was disappointing for the Browns, who struggled to move the ball, let alone score.

That, and Weeden's productive college career seem to point toward the 28-year-old former minor-league baseball player getting a good chance to play.

"I haven't even stepped in Cleveland yet, so I can't answer that question," Weeden said. "I'm going to come in and compete that's just my nature. I'm going to come in and give it all I can. The Browns feel good about me as a player, but I'm not even there yet. It's kind of overwhelming now, but I can promise you one thing, I'll give it everything I have to make sure I leave it all on the field."

Weeden was the fourth quarterback taken in Thursday night's first round. Andrew Luck of Stanford - whose Cardinal lost to Weeden and the Cowboys in the Fiesta Bowl - went first overall, followed by Baylor's Robert Griffin III. Miami took Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill at No. 8.

Weeden beat both of those quarterbacks during the regular season, too.

He didn't beat them to the pros, but he's not complaining. At least not too much.

"You want to go as high as possible," Weeden said. "I was glad to be with friends and family to share the moment. This night kind of went just like I planned, I mean, hoped."

AP Sports Writer Tom Withers in Berea, Ohio, contributed to this report.

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