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Webb has no worries about job security despite playoff misstep

There were plenty of scapegoats following the Baltimore Ravens' bitter playoff loss to the rival Steelers in January. Lardarius Webb can attest to that.

Webb was the cornerback in coverage of Antonio Brown when the Pittsburgh wideout made a crucial 58-yard reception late in the fourth quarter. The circus catch -- Brown pinned the ball against his helmet as his momentum carried him out of bounds inside the five-yard line -- led to the winning score in the Steelers' 31-24 AFC Divisional Playoff win.

It was a painful failure for Webb to endure, but he told *The Baltimore Sun* on Saturday that he's since moved on.

"It's over. It happened. I don't care about all that," Webb said at Derrick Mason's Sports International football camp in Westminster, Md. "That wasn't the play that lost the game."

Webb still has faith in himself, but it's unclear where the Ravens stand. The team drafted cornerbacks Jimmy Smith and Chykie Brown in April, leading to a whole lot of questions that Webb doesn't enjoy answering.

"You can stop asking me about that draft because I don't care about (drafting) Jimmy Smith," he said. "Me and him could be great together. … I'm thinking he's a good addition to our squad. Why not pick a good player in the draft we all (will) be happy with? I want us to be two great corners, two of the greatest corners who ever played the game together. Why not that? Why do I have to be mad because they drafted him?"

Webb might be sick of the questions, but it's clear he followed the Ravens' draft closely. One comment that stuck out to Webb came from a Ravens official who made reference to the team's need to get bigger in the secondary. Webb is listed at 5-foot-10 and 182 pounds, smaller in stature than both Smith and Brown.

"One of those guys said they wanted corners with size, (inferring) the ones we have now are too small," Webb said. "I'm just ready to play ball, man. I don't care who they drafted. They could've got five or six corners, I don't care.

"I guess I'm too small."

Webb believes his job is safe in 2011, a good bet considering the unrest in Baltimore's secondary. Several players are heading toward free agency and Domonique Foxworth is recovering from knee surgery.

"I'm going to be the starter," he said. "I don't think they can draft somebody that's better than me. I don't think they've got anybody better than me."

Webb is clearly a man not lost for confidence. The page turned from the postseason, the 25-year-old believes his talent will carry him forward.

"All I can worry about is me," he said. "If they want me, they're going to keep me. If they don't, then they'll get rid of me. … I love Baltimore. I would want to play in Baltimore the rest of my career. If it happens, it happens."

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